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Hello to all of you who have taken a few minutes to visit my web page. I hope this will give you some insight into my authorship. A few years before I retired from teaching I began writing, but I didn't tackle it seriously until after I retired. Even then, it took a total of eight years to publish my fist book. Life got in the way several times over.  

The most significant influence in my writing career has been and is Jesus Christ as my guiding principle. I credit God for my talent for creative writing and the ability to weave plots and create characters; and thankfully to lift me out of the brain fog and writer's block.

My mother was a genealogist long before the easy DNA family websites were available. As she worked on family trees she talked and recorded stories that folks shared with her, thus the birthing of my first book: The Telegram-The story of Charles Schultz. It is the story of my maternal grandfather, set in the early 1900's in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia.

The first book I wrote has not been published. In 1992, after the loss of our 28 year old daughter, God told me to “write it down” and I did, but I have not had the courage and God’s leading, to put it into print.

I see life in stories to be written--somewhere, sometime. I listen and observe people, places, and things in terms of stories that will stay with me until they are forgotten, or emerge as a short story or a novel, or in notes which can be written about later. Everyone is unique and has a story within them just waiting to be written. 

In my opinion, writing should be true to the time period for which it is written. Even expressions and use of language, and inventions or tools that the author is writing about should fit the story, if it is to be believed, even in fiction. I like to think that what I am reading is real...even if the author states that it is fiction.

I hope my readers become so engaged with my stories and the characters, that they will feel like they are living right there in the story.

 I asked God to give me a scripture that I can use as a ‘go to’ for my books. You can see that in the first few pages of each book. The Bible instructs us to ‘hide His words in our hearts’, There may come a day that we will need to draw from our hearts to ‘read’ God’s word. I pray that you commit all you do to the Lord, it is a powerful thing.

Thank you for visiting with me through technology. With Jesus in our lives, all things are possible. He has made it possible for my novels to be written and deserves all the Praise and Glory!

With Jesus' compassionate love,

Nancy Carter