About the Author

Nancy Carter and her husband, Dave, are from Milton, West Virginia, where they lived for many years. They are both graduates of Marshall University. After living in Jacksonville, Florida for 20 years they retired to the pristine mountains of North Georgia.

Nancy is an award winning short story author. After retiring from teaching she began writing full time and has now published three novels about her maternal grandfather, Charles Schultz: The Telegram, Love's Rivalry, and her most recent, The War.

In her own words: I was brought up in a Christian home in the small town of Milton, West Virginia. I have thanked God many times for that wonderful place of beginnings. I want my writing to be a reflection and witness of Jesus Christ in my life. My mother was a genealogist. While doing genealogy work, my mother, Dorthy Schultz Murrell, spent many hours researching and writing. She included stories from family members in her work.  As I read my mom's writing I ran across a brief story about my grandfather receiving a telegram that piqued my curiosity. Through God's providence and my mother's work, I began to write a novel surrounding that story which led to two subsequent novels about my grandfather, Charles Schultz.

I hope that my readers can see the strength and influence that a strong Christian family can impart to individual lives. I believe that we need to endorse the power of God in our homes and families. The Schultz family embraced putting God first and taught their children to do the same, that, I think is what we desperately need in our nation today.

 Traveling back to West Virginia to visit friends, for book signings, and for my high school reunions has offered the opportunity for me to go back in time and reconnect with friends and places where I grew up. Even though I live in the mountains of Georgia, I still have a great love for the mountains of home, in West Virginia.

There is a trend today to find our roots. Genealogy internet sites encourage folks to look for their ancestors, offering many tools and methods to do so. I encourage my readers to write down their own stories and preserve them for the generations that follow. We all have within us a God calling. As Charlie Schultz often said, "We all have a 'God callin' within us, ya' just have to find it." Charlie's calling was serving others by serving in the military. Pray and ask God to show you your, "God calling".  Life is short, it goes by too quickly, don't miss it!  Get busy and write!